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Our range of products caters to varied IT requirements, reduces costs, and improves security and efficiency.

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$ 10 / Month

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Cloud Hosting Shared Hosting Reseller Hosting Vps Hosting

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting holds the power to maximize the performance of a dedicated server in a virtual environment. It offers great affordability and is known for delivering outstanding IT solutions to clients of all types and sizes. For those looking for robust IT solutions, cloud hosting is a fantastic option. Just share your requirement with DHS UP Cloud and get ready to enjoy top-notch quality, speed, and performance.

Shared Hosting

Searching for a trustworthy hosting provider can prove quite overwhelming because of the numerous hosts that show up in every internet search. If you want a service provider that is not only inexpensive but also reliable and offers assistance when you need it, then you are sure to find an outstanding team of professionals, like ours, worth your time and money.

Reseller Hosting

Becoming a DHS reseller is an excellent idea! Not only does it cost significantly less, it doesn’t require any prior web hosting knowledge either. Reseller hosting empowers our clients to behave as the hosting provider by offering the hosts services on their behalf. Signing up with a reseller hosting plan is the first step toward kick starting your business online!

VPS Hosting

VPS or Virtual Private Server acts exactly like a dedicated within a shared hosting environment. In easy words, it is a combination of both shared and dedicated hosting. The chief advantage of VPS hosting is getting complete control of the server and its configurations. You can customize it as per your requirements in any way that you like using Windows or Linux.


With our services, you can benefit from features like:

99.99% UPTIME





99.99% UPTIME

Uptime is probably the only factor that you care about the most. At DHS UP Cloud, we understand that downtime may result in a loss of opportunities.

That’s why we offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee that keeps your server functioning at its peak. We also make use of the finest industry practices, supreme data centers, and ensure optimum security of your server.